NH Motorworks Mission Statement

The Mission Is Simple

My name is Craig Steckowych, the founder at NH Motorworks. My work experiences run the gamut of the automotive industry, including years of exposure in automotive technology and service. I understand the stress and difficulty with car shopping, and want to provide an easy and relaxed buying experience when you’recraig steckowych in the market for a nice used vehicle. I have helped friends and associates solve their transportation problems for decades, and now make that service available to all.
I’m happily married to my wife, Virginia, for over 30 years, and have two great kids that have left us empty nesters. When I’m not working, I’m a long time and avid amatuer golfer. I’ve competed in numerous statewide and national amateur events over the years. I love the spirited and competitive nature of the game, and it keeps me coming back.
When working, I’m here to provide vehicle owners and enthusiasts with the right vehicle, and knowledge, that fulfills their needs and wants, all at the right price. Friendly and knowledgeable, I’ll inform and help solve your transportation needs.

All of NH Motorworks vehicle inventory is hand picked by me alone!  No large buyer representative, with a buy anything attitude. Every trade or auction vehicle that I acquire  meets my personal quality and value standards. That is evidenced by the fact that I only carry a handful of vehicles at any given time.  I evaluate and correct any mechanical and cosmetic issues in all vehicles; before they are made available to you. That means you’re getting clean and roadworthy transportation from the start. I take the time to provide  functional and appealing vehicles that can be driven without worry. All of my vehicles pass NH State inspection and I’ll provide you with a 20 day plate (excludes Massachusetts residents). No hidden charges or markups and no jive talk. Compare pricing.  You’ll find that my vehicles are of better quality, are cleaner, and cost less than you’d expect.

Nothing complicated here. No high overhead. No big lights, no big city. A simple buying atmosphere. You deal with me, the owner. Just safe and reliable values.

Check me out.  You won’t be disappointed

Excellence in value!

Craig Steckowych

Pricing Under $12K,
Quality and Safety

Terms of Sale

I have made every effort to diligently repair and correct any issues that I find with all of my vehicles. At the time of sale, the car you are considering is in sound mechanical condition, and has no engine service lights illuminated, nor pending.  All cars have reNHMotorworks Contractrecently passed, without issue, a NH Safety and Emissions Inspection. I do not object to your independent mechanic/inspector looking over the car prior to you purchasing it. I can provide you with a vehicle history report, and to the best of my knowledge, it is an accurate representation of the vehicle’s history.

I am better able to offer consumer favorable pricing without including a weak or bogus warranty. If you like that sort of thing, then there are plenty of aftermarket warranty companies online that will sell one to you, without a dealer markup. Please, be assured, that you are buying a car that has been serviced, inspected, cleaned, and is safe for travel. The car is accident free (unless otherwise noted) and has a clean title.

I am always here to assist you, in any way. If you have questions, please feel free to ask.


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